What is 'Non-Negligence' Insurance? 
'Non-Negligence' insurance often known as JCT 6.5.1 or Party Wall insurance and is designed to protect the Employer (Home Owner) from Third Party (Neighbour) Property Damage not caused as result of the Contractors negligence.  
Gold v Patman & Fotheringham 1958 established the legal principle that the Employer (Home Owner) has a legal liability in Tort Law for damage caused to Third Party Property not caused as a result of the Contractors Negligence. 
When is it typically required? 
Party Wall notice is served to any neighbouring (Third Party Owned) properties in close proximity often when the works involve any structural alterations, piling, excavation an/or underpinning. It can be taken out standalone policy in the joint names with the Contractor or an extension of the Contractors Public Liability policy, but ultimately the premium is always footed by the Employer as it provides no benefit to the Contractor. 
What is covered by this insurance? 
The risks covered are specific and named in the JCT Contract - 
Weakening or removal of support 
Lowering of ground water 
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