Thinking about undertaking major renovation works at your property?  
Your Household or Property Owners policy will typically continue to provide full cover for the existing structure when undertaking works of up to £50,000 to allow for minor uplifts, but what happens when looking to take on something larger? 
Depending on the type, length and cost of the works, your Buildings insurer requires you to notify them at least 14 days prior to commencing works and at best will continue to provide cover restricted to Fire, Lightening, Earthquake or Aircraft and will often not cover the value of the works at risk.  
If the cost of works does not exceed the amount provided by the policy, please bear in mind that if you are moving out there is the unoccupancy clause you need to comply with and to ensure that the contractor has sufficent 'Contract Works' insurance in place. 
More complex works 
On the complex often involving structural, basements, moving out, sub-contractors engaged by priciple contractor, exceeding £500,000 total contract value, etc to name but a few commonly associated (but not an exhaustive list) factors, we recommend insuring the existing structure and value of the works (through to practical completion) in the joint names policy with the main contractor as it will provide 'All Risks' cover on both and include Property Owner Liability. 
Once works are complete 
It is important to remember that when the works are complete to recalculate the Buildings Sum Insured to reflect the finished works and money invested and advise your home insurers accordingly. 
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