Some alarming stats from #Azur that report on average 1,000 vehicles are stolen a week in the past 12 months… 
We look at some additional #security measures and the different types of #trackers that are common requirements for high value vehicles - 
Pro-Active GPS Tracker: Uses satellite GPS (global positioning system) technology to protect your client's vehicle. This is equivalent to the Thatcham category S7 or the old Thatcham category 6. 
Automatic Driver Recognition System: Uses automatic driver recognition (ADR) technology to protect your client's vehicle. This requires that the tracker has a separate driver ID system in addition to the keys. Therefore, if the vehicle is stolen without the driver ID, for example via replicated keys, the tracker will be activated. This would be a tracker equivalent to Thatcham category S5 or the old Thatcham category 5. 
Immobilising Automatic Driver Recognition System: Similar to the above but with an active separate immobilisation circuit linked to an ADR tag. This means that without the driver ID tag, the vehicle simply will not start. Some of these systems allow the client to safely stop the vehicle remotely. These are sometimes referred to as Category S5+ Trackers. 
Immobiliser Condition: As well as tracking, very high-risk vehicles may require an additional immobilising system that works independently of the tracker and factory fitted systems. This prevents the vehicle from starting regardless of if the thief has the keys or even the driver ID tag. 
For some more stats and good tips to help you reduce the #risk and protect your vehicle, click here for Azur’s one page report 
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